February 21, 2005
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Eastgate's now selling a nifty littly table-top tripod, the Ultrapod II.

A tripod gives your camera the chance to be patient and take the time it needs to make a better picture.

At Blogwalk Chicago, I noticed that AKMA was using a desktop tripod to good effect. If you want to take visual notes at a meeting or conferences, you need to use whatever light happens to be available. (Please, don't go popping off your flashbulbs in the auditorium or lecture hall: it doesn't help and it annoys the fish) A nifty feature of the Ultrapod II is that it comes with a velcro strap, ready to wind around any convenient post or railing. The world is your platform.

The tripods, the Tinderbox cards, the journals, the Moleskines -- all of it fits together as a family of tools for information farming.