February 7, 2006


I'm looking for a word.

Some bloggers want a big audience. Some affect not to care how big their audience is, but you know that in their secret heart they'd like to have a lot of readers. Some want the audience for its own sake, some want the advertising dollars or political power that audience can bring.

But some blogs sincerely don't care about the audience. Some are written for colleagues who happen to share an interest in 13th century Chinese poetry or Mucha Habermann Disease, the origins of the kachina cult or new methods for teaching group theory. There are important topics, but they're interesting to specialists. Other weblogs are written primarily for Mom.

It's always nice to write Mom.

Perhaps the audience is a little bit broader, but lots of weblogs are meant for your inner circle, your intimates, your 1-chon.

Some blogs are meant primarily for your staff. They replace memos and meetings. They communicate schedules and intentions and management desires. They aren't meant to get outside.

What shall we call these small weblogs -- weblogs where the writer is personally acquainted with most or all of the readers?

Clarification: I'm not seriously proposing bloglet, which is bad on several counts. I do think we need a word.