Desolation Island
Patrick O'Brian

Oppressed by a foul mood, a foul schedule, and an oppressive pile of reading I ought to have been doing in its place, I picked up this volume again a few months back. I'd read it years before, in its natural order, but I'm all out of O'Brian now and so the only option is rereading.

And this one is lots of fun, as Capt. Aubrey is sent to Australia in the ship that will long be remembered as "the horrible old Leopard", carrying orders to sort out the mess at Botany Bay and -- much to Aubrey's distaste -- to drop off a few prisoners.

And then, having spent a few days reading this fine but unnecessary novel, I left myself a note in my Projects Tinderbox file to mention it here. And there that note has sat, since last September, until today.

February 13, 2006 (permalink)