February 4, 2007

Notes from the Lab Bench

The roesti potatoes in the new Cook’s are fine.

Linda woke up with a cold, so I shredded a couple of Yukon Gold's in the Cuisinart, rinsed them well in cold water, and squeezed them hard in paper towels to extract lots of moisture. Dusted them with a little cornstarch, some salt, and some fresh pepper. Fried them in butter in a small non-stick skillet, about 8 minutes per side. Topped with a fried egg and two strips of Niman Ranch bacon. Feel better, Linda!

Last night was a vegetable bagna cauda, with lots of garlic, lots of nice white anchovies, lots of slow simmering. Par-cooked and then sauteed fennel, baby bok choy, radishes (who knew you could cook radishes?), broccoli. Served over escarole and endive, with a little bit of leftover chardonnay.

Picking up the vegetables, I found that Savenor’s had no baby fennel but did have some UDSA prime short ribs. So, I think a carbonnade flamande or something of that ilk is in the offing.