February 1, 2007
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That guy in the cave is happy

Some ad company tapes up a few homemade LCD displays to advertise a cartoon show. Boston police see one stuck to a freeway girder. Hilarity and wrath ensue.

That guy in the cave is happy
And somewhere in a cave, a cadre of radical zealots can toast their success: five years later and they've transformed everyday life in the land of their enemy, and done it without getting a single improvised explosive device as far as customs.

There used to be an adjective of praise: "manly". Here's Robert Byron asking an Afghan official for an internal passport:

But we consoled ourselves, during our stay in Persia, by the consideration thatg we should soon be in Afghanistan, and should thus escape from a parcel of vain and hysterical women to an erect and manly people, immune from ridiculous alarms, and happy to accord that liberty to strangers which they justly demand for themselves.

Yes, this is sexist and out of date, but "vain, hysterical, ridiculous alarms" is pretty good.