February 18, 2007
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Topic: Iraq

I've avoided making Iraq a weblog topic page here, thiinking of The Forsyte Saga's timid old Uncle Timothy, the retired publisher living in Belgravia with his aged sisters and his money safely invested in 3% consols who, after things blew up in the Crimea, put up maps in the drawing room. With lots of colored pins.

But there's been a lot of Iraq lately, and if you glance at the Books Bought list right now you’ll see it's likely that more is coming.

Of course, this is going to be remembered as the great issue of the time.

Closer to home, I’m writing a chapter on the way the limitations of print culture has led our leadership to depend on executive summaries and PowerPoint presentations, and to a bastard postmodernism faith that, since text is contingent, you can reshape the world just by really believing in what you're doing.

Of course, since it's all in Tinderbox I can easily go back and tag relevant posts. An agent could search for Iraq and Baghdad and Bush, gather and sort and tag. It took a couple of minutes to do that. Then i used the agent to tag things by hand, omitting some minor notes and adding some — especially What Ended — that the agent missed.