February 16, 2008
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Testing built-in templates

We're experimenting with a new Tinderbox feature that lets you bake your export templates into your Tinderbox document, instead of carrying them along in a separate folder.

When we originally designed Tinderbox, we assumed that most people would create templates in visual design programs like Dreamweaver or iWeb. That can be done, but I seldom see it. Instead, people either borrow templates from someone else (or from Flint) and modify them, or they just write them. If you don't need access to all your templates from an external editor, building the templates inside Tinderbox might be more convenient.

This weblog is an interesting test case, since it's designed to be too elaborate. The home page is made up from about 35 notes — Tinderbox counted these for me just now — and right now I seem to be using about 36 templates, written at various times from 2001 onward. This is much more elaborate than sensible people are likely to require. So, it we can render this weblog satisfactorily, we can probably call it an acceptance test.

Conversely, I'd like to know about things that are newly broken! Email me.