March 1, 2008
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To Cork

I'm off to Cork for BlogTalk, where I'm planning to talk about NeoVictorian, Nobitic, and Narrative weblogs.

In my earlier Big Setpieces on weblogs, I looked at ways we could nurture the blogosphere and ensure the prosperity of the long tail. The way things played out, the blogosphere took decent care of itself, and the long tail was sold out, and then sold off as scrap to a couple of “social networking” sites.

This time, I'm sticking to description: what do weblogs want? In particular, what are the ideas that underpin blogging? Our era is understandably allergic to manifestoes, but weblogs do have Big Ideas, even while people pretend that they're silly little personal pages, generally incapable of serious thought and good, mostly, ads a parking space for millions of cheap ads.

A little bonus tension: I seem to have lost my voice, and my alarm clock. Stay tuned.