February 5, 2010
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Rocket Science

Eliza Blair (“Friends In Need”) is 25 today. She wants to be a writer. She wants to be a rocket scientist. The eBook mess makes writing uncertain, and cancellation of the new American moon program (a cynical Bush ploy, announcing a big space program and leaving the bill unpaid) leaves her other career stalled behind thousands of unemployed rocket scientists with more experience.

This affects me deeply. Not just because I've aspired to someday work for NASA since I was four years old, though let's observe a moment of silence for four-year-old Eliza's sobs of rage, but because it has the effect of dumping a few thousand rocket engineers on the market starting this summer, quite possibly clogging the employment pipeline for years to come and making it that much more difficult for me to find anyone, even the military, to pay for my grad school education. (Everything revolves around me, remember?) It's also crushing the hopes and dreams of many of those engineers, but who cares about them - they already got to live the dream, at least for a little while. >.> Jerks.