February 8, 2011
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The Software Season

Football is over – perhaps concluded for a bit longer than usual, thanks to the NFL’s earnest desire to reduce salaries.

Baseball is still far away. The ground is covered in snow and ice, and the equipment truck is still parked near Fenway, being packed for its annual voyage to warmer climes.

I used to call this, the season when software gets written, the season free from late-night and weekend distractions. I never code, nowadays, to the cheerful racket of noisy crowds, and I seldom code late at night.

Still, it’s time to polish up the next Tinderbox release, and to get moving on some nifty new things for the iPad. A weekend flood in my office led me to sort through my reading pile, and even after sending many volumes to the office shelf, I’ve got my work cut out.

And there’s a lot of writing needing to be done. So bring on the season of dark nights and midnight oil; it’s time to get cracking.