February 3, 2015

A Butterfly In Flame

by Nicholas Kilmer

Newcomers here may be surprised that this page isn’t all Wikipedia, all the time. Regulars may wonder where the books have gone, not to mention the food and the software. Lately, I haven’t been eating very well, or sleeping, or reading. Normalcy may return someday.

This is nice little mystery, although I have no idea how this came to be on my stack. Fred Taylor, an art expert, is recruited to fill in at a struggling Cape Ann art school. He is to teach three writing courses in order to find a missing instructor, who appears to have absconded with a student. Taylor dislikes academia and expects to detest the whole mess, but he is surprised by the energy and dedication of the students who soldier on despite every reason to abandon hope. The place is precisely right and the art is a ton of fun.