January 25, 2002
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Razorfish's Victor Lombardi (Noise Between Stations) likes Tinderbox's new name, and ponders whether he wants Tinderbox or a WIKI:

Tinderbox could be my IA wet dream, fulfilling every organizational scheme through linking, keywords, facets, categories, agents, etc. Wiki would be a pure organic approach, letting the structure grow and change over time .... Tinderbox would challenge me and provide a platform for IA experimentation, Wiki would be fast and lightweight.

Why not use both? Tinderbox does lots of things that server-side tools like Wiki and Blogger cannot. Wiki gives you interesting ways to collaborate. Tinderbox is fast and responsive and makes sure your data is yours; it's the right choice when you're writing at work or at home. Wiki and Blogger live on the server; your colleagues and collaborators can always use them from their hotel room or Internet cafe.