January 23, 2003
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New Uses

Ben Poole suggests that Tinderbox could be important to Mac users who are losing some Lotus Notes functionality,

Well, if we Mac users aren't going to get the full functionality of Lotus Notes back (i.e. no Designer client), I guess we'll just have to have our own collaborative / loose data store system eh? Enter Tinderbox .

Recently, I found myself looking for the old Scrapbook accessory from MacOS 9. I used the Scrapbook for years to hold various oft-used clippings, things like our logo, Eastgate's bank transfer numbers, and the Storyspace educational price discount schedule -- snippets I need to use from time to time. MacOS X doesn't have a scrapbook. I actually sent notes out to Mac journalists to ask, "what do people use instead?" Tinderbox seems to make a great scrapbook, too.

Even I didn't think of that.