January 17, 2003
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I've been browsing quite a bit with Apple's new Safari. So have you; my web server reports that, among Mac users, it's nudging ahead of MSIE and zooming past the other browsers. (RSS aggregators still are in the lead, since they check the site so often)

I found I was enjoying Safari's speed so much that I had to add Safari support to Tinderbox. You could do this too, if you're a thrill seeker; inside the Tinderbox package there's a config folder with a file called html_helpers.xml. Add a line for Safari (signature 'sfri'), and Tinderbox will know all about Safari.

Don't try this at home; the next version of Tinderbox will do it for you and is coming in a few days. But isn't it nice to know you could do this, if you had to?