January 15, 2004


Friday, the Cambridge Museum of Fruits and Vegetables had a special on albacore tuna. Since Thursday's dinner had been Diane's string beans with crispy prosciutto (5 January), and since Kathryn has been learning alarming things about fish, it seemed like a good change.

So, I got home at 8 and threw a pint of vegetable stock in a saucepan, along with a minced shallot and couple of cloves of garlic. Leave simmering.

Then, while Linda asked about the fish (the Museum tells you so much about the food that Linda now expects to hear where it grew up and what school it attended), I patted dry a couple of 4oz tuna steaks, dusted them with kosher salt and cayenne, and dredged them in a plate of freshly ground rosemary and pepper.

I warmed a couple of skillets. The cooler burner got a little oil, some more minced garlic, and a colander of spinach to wilt. The hot burner got some olive oil and some butter and some high heat to sear the tuna. (These were really thick -- about 2" -- so after 90 seconds/side I finished them for 7 minutes in a 275 over).

The spinach goes in the bottom of the bowls. Top with a couple of anchovies. Spoon the reduced broth over the spinach. Top with the seared tuna, hot from the over. The bottle of Julienas worked out well, too.