December 30, 2003

Making a list

I watched about 33 movies last year. Most of them were pretty good. I know this because I have a little corner of my Tinderbox weblog where I jot down their titles. Why do I do this?

It's good to know what you're doing. Thirty-one movies sounds like a lot of movies. Especially when some are very long: Band of Brothers runs ten hours, a season of Buffy runs about 14 hours. But it's not. For example, I've been thinking that it would be good thing to have seen all of Ebert's 100 Great Films. But, if we figure that at least ten movies a year are must-see new releases, that project either requires a lot more movie time or a five year plan.

It's easy. All it takes is a moment to open the note named movies and add a line.

^do(movieGood,Finding Nemo)

It's good to look back, too. Adaptation and The Apartment and Picnic at Hanging Rock seem so long ago. It was only last January. Tempus fugit.