Friday, January 16, 2004
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Tinderbox, Novels, Maps

Diane Greco (14 Jan, no permalink) picks up on Jon Buscall's use of Tinderbox for mapping out his next novel.

This is cool. He's got the manuscript in chunks and now he's using Tinderbox for rewriting.
He uses links to keep track of cuts. He uses these links visually. When he cuts something, it goes in a little box that is linked to the prose chunk it came from. This is important for a novelist because you need to know where things come from as you write. If a character has a boyfriend in chapter 4, she can't be single again in chapter 7 unless a breakup has happened in the meantime.

In other Tinderbox news, Rosario Fernandez has an iKey macro that copies a clipping from a Web browser and pastes it into a Tinderbox note.