January 25, 2005
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Side by side

John Murphy (University of North Texas) writes:

I found out about Tinderbox last fall and it has transformed the way I work. I've used it to redesign my division's web site. I inherited the job of maintaining it from someone who created the pages in Netscape Composer. Until I started using Tinderbox, I did everything directly in traditional, handcrafted HTML. I started using the web for classes in 1994 and maintained my professional society's site from 1997-2002. Now I use Tinderbox, HTML templates, and CSS.

For this week only, the existing site and the redesigned site will both be available while the redesign is tested and critiqued, for those who'd like to compare them.

As I wrote in the "about this site" pages, I found the Tinderbox manual and the templates by Derek Powazek and Marisa Antonaya very helpful.