January 10, 2006


Flint is a new Tinderbox Assistant. It makes weblogs (and similar frequently-updated sites) in a variety of flavors, with lots of nice integration with Web services like flickr, Google, and del.icio.us.


Flint makes weblogs in a variety of flavors. The thumbnail to the right is the Green Theme.

The point of Flint is that it's a big box of cool tools, interchangeable parts ready to plug into your weblog. Take the green theme. Want something like it, but red? Just change the colors! Want a different layout? That's easy, too. Lots of pluggable parts.

It's not as easy as the free services -- we can't compete with free! But Flint is flexible and Flint is yours. Want to add a new kind of service to Flint? You can do it yourself. Want a new theme? Just do it.

(We're here, too, to help integrate the best ideas and newest technologies back into the Flint core. Yesterday, Alwin noted that Flint doesn't generate Atom feeds. Today, it does. Thanks!)