January 17, 2006


Eastgate's just received a batch of inspiring and intriguing objects from architect/designer Ted Naos.


These are decks of colored, die-cut cards with a plastic stand that doubles as a case. Here, you take a card from somewhere in the deck, drop it in front, and your whole perspective changes.

I think this could be an interesting approach to hypertext narrative. For example, attach an evocative passage to each frame. (For bonus points, use the Bob Coover's technique from McSweeeney's 16 and have each card end in mid-sentence, with the sentence continuing on the next card) Or, build silhouettes of your own fictive world. Or, contrive ways that interior cards disclose part of an incident that changes meaning with you see other parts, making an extremely interesting comic. (Flash is the obvious tool for this, though HTML/png/CSS could work nicely, too)

Eastgate's got a set of three decks. Street Architecture (above), Gateways (which looks at doors and entrance devices), and Color Game (which is completely abstract).

get it!
Ted Naos Collection. $27.95

You can always remove it later.