January 18, 2006
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On the Impossibility of Blogging

Kent Newsome speculates on why it's impossible to build a new blog in 2006.

The very large majority of the most successful blogs out there have one of three things working in their favor.

1. They got there first and filled an empty space...

2. They have a unique platform that almost guarantees them an audience. If you are the representative of a larger company, especially one that is a player in the blogosphere, your audience comes pre-packaged...

3. They get help from other established bloggers...

On the Impossibility of Blogging
Musée d'Orsay

This argument is compelling. It also explains why it's impossible to write a successful mystery in 2006, or a best-selling cookbook on French bistro cooking, or a great play about two people falling in love. It's all been done, there's too much competition, you're too late.

It's the flip side of "Those Kids" -- the ones who don't read and have short attention spans and who debase culture. We've been complaining about those kids since Aristotle (above) was a student.

Those poor kids, they missed all the opportunities. They have lovely bodies but they're just too late, they can never have the fun we had.