January 29, 2006

What I Cooked From Your Nice Present

Last night, I took out those cookbooks that you, gentle reader, were kind enough to give me, and made dinner.

First off was a simple plate of roasted potatoes with some slices of saucisson. When Linda came into the kitchen, she looked at the plates and said, "Oh, bistro food tonight!" No peeking at the cookbook, which happened to be, well, "Bistro Food".

Then, we had a simple chicken broth, systematically prepared from a certified soup foul following detailed and lovingly photographed specs in The Professional Chef. The end product had terrific appearance, excellent body, and far too little flavor.

For desert, we had a little raspberry tart.

What I Cooked From Your Nice Present

Dance 10, Looks 3. Somehow, the custard makes the berriness much more pronounced; this tart tasted much more deeply of raspberries than the rustic tart which was almost completely fruit, or megnut's slump (which I really need to try again!) The frozen berry is remarkably tasty -- a very good thing to know about!