January 9, 2007
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Autofetching attributes

In Tinderbox, it's easy to AutoFetch something from the Web and stuff it into a note. This helps workgroups, classes, and small teams to keep things organized and in sync.

But what if you want to coordinate specific values? For example, the current version of Tinderbox changes from time to time. Today, it's Tinderbox 3.6.1. But next month, the latest version will probably be something else. But any Tinderbox document can find the version at a known URL:


Some other note, in some other Tinderbox document, needs to know what the current version is. Easy! It can use a rule to get the latest version and store it locally. We put the address of the data in the URL attribute, and then add a simple rule:

Version=`curl $URL

This isn't a polished solution -- there's no error handling if, for example, you happen to be on an airplane and Tinderbox can't get the version. But you get the idea.

This is just one of the cool new things you can do in Tinderbox 3.6....