January 13, 2007
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The deputy assistant secretary of defense for detainee affairs, Cully Stimson, believes that anyone George Bush has ordered to be imprisoned at Guantanamo must be guilty, and that loyal Americans should boycott any law firms that work on their behalf.

The Wall Street Journal thinks the boycott is a dandy idea.

I just wrote about how hard it is to get new customers, and and how much harder it is to get old customers. The Republican Party is going to remember these stunts for generations.

Put it this way: we just replaced our coffeemaker, which occasionally spilled hot coffee grounds all over the counter. Our neighbors were discarding theirs, having bought a new Keurig like the one we have at Eastgate, so we thought we’d try their castoff. It was free. But I hesitated, because it was made by Krupp‘s, and We Don’t Buy Stuff From Krupps. Is it OK to use a Krupp coffeepot that would otherwise be thrown away?

Update: I'm completely wrong. The coffeepot is fine. Here's why.

We don’t buy Fords, either; I don’t think any member of my (very) extended family has bought a Ford in seventy years.

And I suppose that’s how we’ll look back at the Bush years.