January 13, 2007

Tinderbox ☙ Yojimbo: Wow!

It’s nice to surprise a reporter.

Merlin Mann was interviewing Patrick Woolsey, COO of BareBones, on the floor at MacWorld Expo (video here) for MacBreak. They're talking about Yojimbo, which Patrick calls "a digital junk drawer — a place to store all that stuff that, otherwise, is going to accumulate on your desktop."

About half way through, Woolsey mentioned that Yojimbo now comes with each copy of Tinderbox.

Woolsey: Something else that’s very cool that I'm not sure that you maybe haven’t heard about yet, is that Tinderbox is now bundled with Yojimbo.

Mann: You are kidding me! Wow! ... This is like the Yalta conference for my favorite nerd apps! Tinderbox is a wonderful application. How do you describe Tinderbox? It's almost like exposing a database for data objects you can move around.

Woolsey: It's really an ultimately flexible way to store an manipulate any sort of textual information.

The look on Merlin’s face was wonderful. This is how you want reporters to look when they hear about your product!

Tinderbox ☙ Yojimbo: Wow!
Merlin Mann(left) interviews Patrick Woolsey about Yojimbo and Tinderbox, MacWorld 2007

Giles Turnbull for O'Reilly asks, "Why does a hugely powerful text/database environment like Tinderbox need something like Yojimbo alongside it? What’s the benefit for Tinderbox users?"

The point of the bundle is that Yojimbo is designed to make importing information very easy indeed. The idea is that it’s so easy to import stuff, you don’t need to stop and think about the process, you just do it.