January 21, 2007

Web services I want

I am convinced that I've heard several of the Dresden Dolls songs elsewhere. But, as far as I can tell, they're not covers, and they're too new and the band is too obscure for me to have heard them covered. (I don't hear much new music). But surely I've heard The Jeep Song before. And Delilah. And the music of Mandy Goes to Med School sure rings a bell.

Is this an illusion? Deja vu all over again? How would you find out?

American Football is very popular in the US. It’s a very complicated game; every play involves 22 players, and almost every player has a crucial role in every play.

I know there's a lot I'm missing when I watch a game. For example:

There must be Web sites that carefully dissect games, teams, and schemes. Where are they? (This, incidentally, is one place where hypermedia should easily outshine paper. If the site doesn't exist, it's a slam dunk winner for an intelligent coach who can write a bit.)

Update: Football Outsiders is a good resource, though it's organized like a magazine. Thanks, Ed! Thanks Tom Hoffman!