January 28, 2008
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Audible Spam

It looks to me like Audible, the audiobook download service, is being spammed by its suppliers.

The listings of new releases in 20th century History, for example, are swamped by listings of tiny "audiobooks", many of them running a minute or two, of individual articles from the Britannica. I was looking for a biography of Gen. Bernard Montgomery, but if I need to wade through a hundred spam listings, I can always read my email.

The main page "what's new" is likewise swamped by many copies of a phony "Valentine's Day Astrological Gift Guide" in separate "editions" for each sign of the zodiac, and perhaps for each birthday and hair color.

And the site is slow. It's always been slow. It's worse.

It's a pain. But they already have my money, so I'll put up with it until my subscription runs out. Sigh.