January 30, 2008
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email extinguished

I no longer trust my email. If you send me mail, I will probably receive it, but I'm far from certain that it won't be lost in the vast deluge of spam.

Meanwhile, Eudora is obviously past its sell-by date; my spam bucket overflows every month, and apparently Eudora crashes when it has more than 32,768 messages in a mailbox. With a mere thousand spam messages a day, that's suddenly a very real possibility.

Do grownups rely on mail.app? Is there another option?

Bad times.

I no longer trust the eighth amendment; the US Attorney General says that any interrogation method is justified if it might save lives.

I no longer trust the fourth amendment, either; the government is currently free to read your email, or to listen to any telephone call that happens to be routed internationally. Whether there is probable cause or not is, apparently, not relevant.

Bad times.