January 19, 2011
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Archive, Innovate, Wrap Fish

Back in June, the ELO threw a conference and party for Robert Coover, who has done tremendously important work for literary hypertext . I attended, hoping for a reconciliation with some of the ELO crowd. That did not happen, unfortunately. Shortly afterward, I wrote some notes about that conference (which was called “Archive and Innovate”) and put those notes in a special bin where I leave volatile notes to cool.

This conference is now forgotten. But, sorting out the dustheaps to prepare for some new weblog projects, I couldn’t quite see my way to burying these notes.

That unfashionability upset me deeply, until Readercon reminded me that, in other circles, scholarship can still find a home, and that some scholars do understake difficult work without much hope of grants, tenure, an audience or a job, simply because the work needs to be done.