January 25, 2015


I seldom read comments or comment boards, but a few MetaFilter comments on my Wikipedia series did catch my eye.

It should probably be pointed out that Mark Bernstein has been thinking about hypertext and digital culture since before there was a Web. When a person like him talks about the possibility that this "may well permanently discredit not only Wikipedia but the entire open Web" there's some reason to take the concern seriously, even if you think (as I do) that the statement is probably a bit hyperbolic.
The proper balance between the competing narratives “she sleeps around” and “there is no way that is any of our business” is not “some sources have said she sleeps around.”
And just a few short months after honoring the memory of Adrianne Wadewitz, ArbCom spits in the faces of feminists. Sickening.

In other news, the Wikimedia Foundation’s PR Office is reportedly distributing talking points seeking to discredit me. Have a fun weekend, guys!

I really dislike this.