July 6, 2004

BlogTalk Press Conference

At the BlogTalk 2 press conference (which just ended), Karin Tzschentke from The Standard asked a very, very interesting question: how do we keep weblogs from becoming merely a channel of propaganda?

My answer as that weblogs discuss ideas, not personalities -- that they are sociable but not merely social. But, of course, the example of Matt Drudge is before us all. Blogs are the new fax machine.

I think the answer is that weblog writers will always care about ideas and about truth and good faith. If you merely disseminate propaganda, nobody will believe you, and nobody will link to you. But it's not a great answer. And if we aren't careful, we could find we've built infrastructure for online mobs. Mob blogging isn't what we set out to do.

response: wrede