July 5, 2004


I've got a three-hour layover at Heathrow, waiting for my connection to Vienna. Not enough time to do much of anything in London, really, but a long time to spend staring at Islay whiskies in this jet set shopping mall. Besides, the jet set isn't what it used to be.

KLM, it seems, has started an airport lounge for the hoi polloi. Nice idea: you walk up, you pay (a little bit too much), you get quiet space, power, WiFi, drinks, snacks. Some good Danish would be nice, but this is England.

That also makes coffee management a problem; my seat back was stuck on the flight over, I slept poorly, and its going to be a long day.

If you're in Vienna on Monday, here's my first slide for BlogTalk. Aren't we self-referential this morning? I'm going to be proposing an agenda for weblog research -- research topics that won't get your name in the newspaper but will make a lasting difference to the way people write and read weblogs.