July 16, 2005

Building your next weblog

I spent an 16-hour coding day, yesterday, building your next weblog.

I hope that's not a typo.

What we're working on right now is a project I'm calling Flint, a new weblog assistant for Tinderbox that generates a whole family of weblogs. You'll have a bunch of color and layout choices, right out of the box.

And Flint comes loaded with macros and options. There's a flickr macro that grabs some images. There's an Amazon macro that makes Amazon associate links. There's a del.icio.us macro that grabs your latest bookmarks.

Flint has Fagerjordian links, so you can really use your archives.

Flint has smart categories. You assign posts to a category with a pull-down menu. But what if you're too busy? No problem: your category agents can look for uncategorized notes with key words and phrases and classify them automatically!

And lots more.

You'll be able to drag those macros into other Tinderbox documents, too!