July 20, 2005

Can He Bake A Cherry Pie?

The clafoutis recipe calls for just a pound and a half of cherries, and it's cherry season. Easy as pie.

(time passes)

Well, maybe not. After pitting a pound an d a half of cherries, the kitchen looked a bit like a butchery. Good thing I remembered the apron today. It seems I need a cherry pitter: any advice on which? (Who knew that there were such things, much less so many different kinds?)

Can He Bake A Cherry Pie?

The last time I did something quite this messy with fruit was a long time ago, at a Quaker Center I was visiting for a weekend with a friend who was a Friend. (She was an ex-girlfriend who was such a good friend that she carefully thought through who should be my next girlfriend, and here we are some decades later sitting down in our house to eat clafoutis. I attended a Quaker college, which means wordplay on 'friend' is part of the core curriculum. Yea, morals matter.)

Elsner would be dismayed to find that the lyrics to 'Yea, morals matter' appear to occur nowhere on the Web. The shame!

Anyway, the Quaker Center involved helping out with lots of nice plain meals and lots of dirty dishes, and one long afternoon picking and shelling walnuts from one of their walnut trees.

There are probably messier things than shelling walnuts, but none come readily to mind.