July 22, 2005

Storyspace 2.5 for MacOS X: First Build

Storyspace 2.5 for MacOS X: First Build

One reason we're so busy at Eastgate right now is a big push to integrate all the recent changes in the Tinderbox infrastructure -- the beams and pipes that connect everything together -- into Storyspace.

The result will be called Storyspace 2.5 for MacOS X, and a test release should be available soon.

Today was a big milestone. We had Storyspace completely disassembled, in parts spread all over the floor. We plugged in lots of new classes, mostly products of Tinderbox refactoring. We packed it all up again; today, we got a clean build in the new environment.

Storyspace 2.5 is a transitional release. Think of it as "old Storyspace made new." It uses traditional Storyspace files, but it's built on lots of shiny new technology.