July 18, 2005

Winer Feast

Last night, Dave Winer's OPML roadshow came to Boston in a standing room only debut at the Berkmann center. Beyond standing room only; people were backed into the hallway, onto the stairs. VC's sitting on the floor.

Interesting dinner afterwards. Lisa Williams spoke about categories and blogging with the Dewey Decimal System. I'd have emailed her, but neither of her blogs seems to have contact information.

Memo to the world: spam happens. You're gonna get a lot of spam, whatever you do. That battle is over. You can stop being coy about your email addresses.

It was fun sitting between Aaron Swartz, who is spending the summer building an intriguing startup, and Jim Moore, who is investing (and who has some great ideas about the importance of reframing in knowledge work).

Lisa has a good account of the Winer demo.