July 1, 2006
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End of the Honeymoon

Marriage is not always easy. Jason Kottke recently married Meg Hourihan, but writes that his wife has become overly concerned with eating locally-raised food.

At first it was just little stuff, like buying local produce and banning foodstuffs made with high fructose corn syrup. But then there was the fist-fight at the greenmarket about the sausage that Meg suspected was not humanely made because the woman selling it did not know the names of the pigs that supplied the meat. 'Just one name, you heartless bitch!' she screamed as security escorted her from Union Square.

The strain of caring for Megnut is clearly telling on Mr. Kottke; a little later he writes that

Meg has completely forsaken her marital duties, turning her evening attentions elsewhere. It took me a few weeks to discover what she was up to, but she finally admitted to tending a hayfield in an empty lot in Queens. Oh, didn't I tell you? Meg has purchased a cow. I don't know where this cow is located, but his name is Arthur. She's taking me to meet him...

Now Arthur might be a Holstein or Guernsey, a Longhorn or Charolais.

But I'm pretty sure that Arthur is a bull or a steer.