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Simile Timeline is an elaborate javascript widget for building interactive timelines on Web pages. One Tinderbox customer wants to use it for investigative reporting; to try it out, I've added a timeline to my list of lectures and talks.


This turns out to be quite easy. First, I need an agent that gathers up all my talks.

query: Prototype=protoTalk
sort: Date

This has the pleasant advantage of adding upcoming talks to the timeline as soon as they appear on the main page,

Now, the timeline javascript needs its own custom XML file. That's easy enough to write; we just take the example file and replace the sample data with placeholders for the Tinderbox templates.

<event start="^get(Date,"*")" title="^title" <br> ^if(^get(URL)) link="^get(URL)" ^endif>

The rest is all boilerplate -- mostly javascript stubs and some scripts. I'll try to wrap this up for the Tinderbox file exchange if there's interest.