July 7, 2008
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Deena on Rhetorical Devices

Hypertext writer Deena Larsen has built an interesting site for high school students about hypertext writing. It's an ambitious and exciting project.

I think this builds in interesting ways on the ongoing Ersinghaus-Gibb dialogues.

One could quibble with lots of details. Is all electronic literature ergodic? Is the emphasis on sound and graphics really congenial to literature? (Someday, a critic should explore the great impact Deena has had on visual hypertext from Marble Springs on, a remarkable development in light of Deena’s near-blindness.) Does the page on montage actually discuss collage? (This may be my own fault; I confused the terms in Patterns of Hypertext and even Adrian Miles’ magisterial correction hasn’t completely repaired the damage. Sorry. )

But these are details, and the syllabus is marked as being "in beta" anyway. It should be exciting to see what develops.