July 20, 2008
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I talked about NeoVictorian Computing at a very well-attended PodCamp Boston yesterday. John Wall liked my argument that the debate about amateur journalism is usually presented in specious form. Journalists in mainstream media are workers, not professionals. Rupert Murdoch can make you a professional journalist by giving you a job, but he cannot make you a physician or a lawyer or an engineer. John Herman thought the NeoVictorian connection was promising, though he found the talk too crowded. Another interesting discussant, a self-described ninja queercaster whose name I missed (she doesn’t put her name on her business card, either) and who is skeptical of my concerns about comments and flame wars, has a very nobitic blog.

John Cass from Forrester comments on my arguments regarding our NeoVictorian misery.

I think we all woke up one day to find ourselves living in the software factory. The floor is hard, from time to time it gets very cold at night, and they say the factory is going to close and move somewhere else.

More coverage: Rebell.tv (in German), Steve Garfield (video), David Seah (whose elegant time-planning forms I use all the time), John Wall (Ronin Marketer).

Down the road at ReaderCon, John Clute brought down the house with a wonderful 30-minute precis of John Buchan's 1916 Greenmantle in support of an argument on coherence in fantasy.