July 27, 2008
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Summer Food

Tasty but too much::

The pork plates sounded like a good idea, and they were tasty enough. But it's hard to get the BLT's small enough, and assembling the parts for seven was a big of a pain. The wild boar ribs were excellent, though!

I hear that we're about to have a pork crisis. The price of corn is now so high (thanks largely to the Republicans) that people can’t afford to feed there hogs. I understand there are fears of a massive sell-off, leading to a crash in pork futures and then, inevitably, to supply shortages.

The paella didn't really work; needs a bigger grill. I made a fresh batch of stock to go with it, based on some poultry carcasses in the freezer. Turducken stock!

For the barbacoa, I got a lovely bone-in shoulder roast from Savenor’s. It was good, and the soup was also terrific.