August 1, 2010
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Writing Hypertext

I need to write a hypertext story, just to have an example to use in testing a new concept. This should be easy enough; it’s a short and simple story.

It’s not strictly necessary that it be a good story. But if I’m going to write the thing, it seems sensible to write it well.

It’s not going very well.

What’s vexing is that there’s shockingly little to read about writing a good hypertext narrative, or fixing one that’s lost its way. It seems there’s an entire literary organization devoted to the notion that hypertext narrative is too easy to be interesting, but I only know a couple of dozen writers who know how to do it.

There’s some help in Reading Hypertext. But not as much as I would like: after all, it’s a book about reading.

This should not be so difficult.