July 9, 2012

Warren has a blog

Elizabeth Warren’s campaign has a weblog.

I recently explained to someone that there are a hundred people who are stronger in weblog theory than I am. And one of them is Lauren Miller, who is doing Warren’s new media program. And even I never said the ten tips were gospel.

Still, this is a slam-dunk opportunity for terrific blogging. Infrequent updates with snapshots and apple pie won’t cut it, and that seems to be the plan. One approach:

How can a senate candidate write a daily blog entry? They can’t. But there are people who see the candidate every day, people in her advance team and people in her strategy team. Somewhere there’s a ghost – someone who can talk to candidate for a couple of minutes and get enough to write a few sentences with perspective and voice and integrity, describing something that happened in the last few days. The traffic on 128. The heat. The pie in Peabody, the woman with no health insurance in Hingham.

Or, it’s not Elizabeth’s blog. It’s the working blog of a campaign operative, the way Chicago Hack was the blog of a cab driver. Give us the logistics, the headaches, the crises. Give us the sweet moments with the babies, the tawdry bits with egocentric (unnamed) local officials struggling for their moment of limelight, the banquet meals, the motels.

Give us a reason to come back.