Saturday, June 29, 2002

Summer Taste

Go to Home Depot. Find a nice hunk of cedar. Ask the nice fellow to lop off about 16" for you. Hop over to Turner's Fisheries. Get a nice 14" hunk of Atlantic Salmon filet. Skin on, thanks. Rush it home, marinate a bit in vermouth, ginger, lime, and pepper.

Light the Weber grill (hardwood charcoal, please). While it gets going, have a bottle of a nice California Chardonnay.

Drop the plank on the coals. It will char nicely in a surprisingly short time, Remove it; put it on top of the grill, and put the salmon on the plank. Skin down, thanks.

Cook it for about 12 minutes. The smoke rising from the board will be quite dramatic. Enjoy. Top with diced orange and lime, seasoned with maple syrup, cayenne, and a little more cumin than you might expect. Slice and serve from the plank, with a big bottle of perry .