June 10, 2003
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Back and Forth

Elin's back, but Jon Delacour has given up blogging, at least for now.

Delacour touched off a storm in March with a charming, nostalgic post about an old girlfriend, Ikuko.

"We were lying in her bed, drinking champagne, fooling around. I traced her name in the glossy film of perspiration on her stomach. (On our second date, I’d asked her to write the characters for me. Since then I’d written them dozens of times in my notebook and on scraps of paper.) I could already guess what she wanted to say. "

Ikuko was an invention; people got upset. This unfolded at almost the identical time that Jill's famous post raised such interesting questions about oblique blogging and the eleventh conjecture. Sunchrony? (Is Jon the Australian Jill? They each have important weblogs that have generated active and sophisticated weblog clusters, though these clusters overlap less than I'd have expected from the subject matter)