Tuesday, June 29, 2004
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Adrian Miles was kind enough to send me the notes for his Lugano lecture (see his trip report) on "Blogs, Disruption, and Reflective Learning". He's got an interesting definition of weblog:

a public Web based side that utilizes a content management system to publish a provision front or index page and a series of temporal and thematically defined archives.

That's consistent with what I see as a key trend in weblogs and weblog tools for 2004: this is the year of the archive, the year we get our old work linked and organized and connected to all the new work. Lots of weblogs have tremendous value locked away in the archives, and lots of tools (RSS, Tinderbox, Atom, mt3, blosxom) are helping us unlock that value.

Miles also uses the term, cognate post. I don't think this is his intended meaning, but isn't "cognate link" the perfect description of a WikiLink, a link that connects two posts because one mentions the title of another?