Wednesday, June 23, 2004
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Hardware Acquisition

At Eastgate, we're in the midst of major hardware upgrades. A new laptop, a shiny new G5, a better WiFi system, a new printer -- and some important infrastructure.

The new blender just arrived. There was no old blender. When I was hot and thirsty, I've borrowed one of Elin's cokes. This is a bad management (and nutritional) strategy. So now we have a heavy-duty blender and, here at Camp Eastgate, we've been sipping smoothies at afternoon meetings.

Hardware Acquisition

My current theory is that this sort of ambient infrastructure is a good investment -- that spending money on a good blender encourages people to use it (instead of running out to Starbucks and the 7-11) and to use it better. Eastgate's got a better blender than I do.

Next up: replacing our horrible old coffee maker. What kind should we get?