Tuesday, June 22, 2004
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Joshua Porter observes that, when Web Designers comment on new designs, too often their comments privilege surface over deep design.

It seems that other designers do, too. Many designers with blogs often post comments about other sites. Two recent redesigns, those of mezzoblue.com and blogger.com, started countless conversations on the merits of each. Designers were making judgments like 'looks great' or 'the white space needs to be rethought'. Too many of these judgments are superficial, focusing only on a quick visual inspection of the site. They use terms like 'look' and 'feel'. They also focus on things like color palette choices, validation, which tags were used, or which technique was used to round the corners. They deal with how the site looks or how the code looks.

One reason design discussion gets reduced to bumper sticker duels is that so much of it has to be typed into bumper-sticker-sized comment forms, instead of posted in thoughtful weblog essays.