June 17, 2005
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Last night as I left for home, I simply couldn't figure out what to cook for dinner. The wolf is nosing around the door these days, so it was of necessity scrappy affair.

Strozzapreti: I had about 1/3 of a bag of some very good dried pasta -- not enough, really, for dinner. And I had some leftover roast garlic from Saturday night. So, I very gently heated five cloves of roasted garlic in 2T olive oil and 1T oil infused with chilli peppers, and cooked up the strozzapreti for a primi. (Strozzapreti means "priest strangler". Who knew? Thanks to Antonio Deroma for the spelling correction and for proposing Tinderbox Weekend Italy.)

Grilled Tuna with mango chutney, pistachios, and coriander: We had half a bunch of fresh coriander on it last legs, and the fish counter was running a special on tuna. So I seasoned a hunk of tuna with kosher salt, some sugar, and some black pepper and dropped it on the Wolf grill for about ten minutes. Then I painted each side with magno chutney, dredged it in chopped unsalted pistachios I happened to have lying around, and finally dredged it in the chopped fresh coriander.

String beans: quickly sauteed in a nonstick pan with a small bit of butter, then finished with a bit of sherry vinegar.

Strawberry clafoutis: Last Friday, Linda went to the farm store for fruits and vegetables. It's a good time to buy strawberries. She did: she bought a whole box, six pints. So, I've been doing lots of things wit strawberries, and we're down to the last survivors. Linda picked them over, sliced them in halves and quarters, and splashed them with some triple sec. I whisked 3 eggs, then beat in 4T of sugar, and then added some vanilla and 4T of flour. Fold in the berries, turn into a couple of chilled, buttered ramekins that were lightly dusted with sugar, and then right into a 450° over for 40 minutes.

The best part: other than $10 for a hunk of tuna, everything was either an odd remnant or a leftover on its last legs. All improvised, but everything was OK. The tuna's a nice, if unexpected, combination.