June 18, 2005
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The good news: three consecutive 12-hour days of Tinderbox coding have yielded some nice results. It's just a test version, but it's got some interesting things to test.

  1. Adornment actions: you drag a note onto one part of the map and Tinderbox knows "this is urgent" and updates the metadata and triggers agents.
  2. Agent priorities, so you can write agents that run occasionally but don't slow things down when you're in a rush.
  3. Ordered quick lists, like this one.
  4. Drag and drop key attributes and color swatches.
  5. About 45 other nifty improvements.

All of this is going to be very nice -- and should be in your hands, gentle Tinderboxer, within a month. Maybe sooner. But it's left me exhausted.

When I'm tired, I spend too much on groceries. Tonight we were supposed to have mixed grill, but the flank steak cost more than tenderloin, pound for pound. So I got a whole tenderloin.

Meanwhile, I'm feeling a bit toasty around the edges.